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Why Innovation Matters

In today’s world, disruptions are not avoided — organizations and institutions must be willing to  adapt and innovate to remain viable for what the market demands.

The innovation process is illustrated by a sigmoid curve to represent a slower start as ideas are developed, a successful phase of acceleration, and eventual flatting at maturation. This describes common patterns found in business development and organizational psychology.

Before strategies fully mature to the point of diminishing returns, there is a window of time to explore innovative opportunities and develop new strategies. Organizations need to audit their context, make data-driven decisions, and address new realities in the ever-changing marketplace.




The OptEd Difference

Our Approach

Being contextual in your approach to solving problems is vital in reaching and surpassing goals.

OptEd looks for opportunities to help partner in innovations that would enhance your organizations abilities to reach their audience and goals. Change and innovation play a vital role in helping your institution attain your missional goals. By examining and determining a strategy that is contextual to your organization, you will have a distinct advantage over your competition.

OptEd’s goal is to help you achieve success in reaching your goals .

Meet the Founder

Roy H. Rowland IV, MBA

Roy Rowland is the Founder and CEO of OptEd (Optimizing Education), an enrollment management and marketing firm that specializes in higher education, extension campuses, and nonprofits.

With over 22 years of enrollment management strategy and expertise in every delivery model, Roy brings a strategic and unique perspective to the traditional and non-traditional enrollment funnels — traditional campus, online, hybrid, graduate, doctoral, extension site, and regional campuses.

Roy has been working in higher education since 2001, serving at Northwest University in Kirkland, WA for 12 years and then serving as the Vice President for Enrollment and Marketing at Southeastern University in Lakeland, FL from 2011 to 2023, one of the fastest-growing private universities in the country. During Roy’s time at SEU he helped the university grow their enrollment 253%.

“Optimizing education is our passion — we partner with institutions to help them achieve next-level results!”

Powered by Partnerships

Our Collective Team

OptEd is powered by a dynamic group of multidisciplinary professionals focused on innovating higher education with enrollment and marketing solutions. Our Founder/CEO brings 25+ years of executive expertise in collaboration with a collective team of award-winning industry experts.

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Web Design


Digital Marketing

Derek Forehand, MBA

Creative & Design

Based out of New York City, Derek Forehand is a creative professional with an array of experience in marketing and design — including 8 years within the higher education industry. He has worked with award-winning marketing groups, helped to develop multiple start-ups, and served alongside many cause-based organizations. Through his marketing and website management company, Prism Digital, he collaborates with various businesses, nonprofits, agencies, and consulting groups to develop innovative brand strategies and compelling digital experiences.

David Lapham


David Lapham is a software engineer from Central Florida with extensive experience in social, SEO, and digital advertising. Throughout his career, David has worked in start-ups, started his own companies, and scaled marketing organizations. He is known for his expertise in developing cutting-edge technology solutions and leveraging the latest digital marketing strategies to drive growth and success for his clients. Originally from Michigan, David currently resides in Lakeland, Florida with his wife and four young boys.

Derek Holser, MEd, MTh, JD

Consulting & Strategic Planning

Derek Holser is an attorney and educator located near Seattle, Washington. As an expert in nonprofit law, he has spent the past 15 years counseling and advising dozens of nonprofit organizations in all matters for compliance and strategic growth. Concurrently, he has spent over 20 years as a professor at the undergraduate and graduate level. From 2009–2013, he served as the managing attorney for Lentz Law Firm. From 2013–2019, he served as CEO for an independent college, leading the institution through the initial accreditation process, which was achieved in 2018. Derek brings a macro-perspective that incorporates trends in new technology for modern learners while providing a strategic and clear process for executing improvement and growth for his clients.

Indie-Atlantic Films
Media Production

We’re a video production company made up of creative filmmakers. Based in Central Florida, we thrive on quality production and beautiful storytelling. We know that telling a great story takes more than beautiful shots, but connecting with an audience. Our mission is to tell stories that matter.

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