Crown College

OptEd partnered with Crown College to successfully implement a suite of strategic solutions designed to revolutionize their enrollment processes, and enhance their brand presence.

Led under the creative direction of OptEd’s CEO and its collaborative team of industry experts, integrated marketing deliverables were creatively produced across digital and print experiences.

Website Development

OptEd completely transformed Crown College’s digital presence with a new website featuring enhanced content, streamlined pages, and creative designs.

With reimagined navigation and an improved mobile experience, the new website provides increased audience engagement and improved information accessibility. Compelling content was produced through visual storytelling and a modern design aligned with the brand and mission of Crown College.

Each element of our collaboration was crafted to synergize and drive the institution toward achieving its enrollment goals.

Content Production

Highlighting a university’s distinctive offerings through visually compelling imagery is a powerful way to communicate with prospective students and stakeholders.

For Crown College, we captured a robust collection of high-level creative content to utilize across various platforms including website visuals, social media posts, and marketing collateral. This high quality and enhanced visual storytelling transformed the institution’s marketing impact and audience engagement.

Microsite Experience

In an effort to transcend traditional student engagement strategies, OptEd delivered an innovative microsite experience tailored specifically for Crown College’s brand and message. This customized digital journey guides prospective students through an interactive and seamless snapshot of the Crown College experience.

The microsite experience provides a creative, engaging, and streamlined solution for the college discovery process.